Mirei Monticelli

Mirei Monticelli is a Milan-based Filipina designer. Working from her roots has exposed her to the world of traditional manufacturing and production of furniture, where everything is made by hand. This environment exposed her to the beautiful world of artisan crafts, but then gave her the yearning to explore state-of-the-art techniques that come from the western world – which led her to study at Politecnico di Milano with a Masters degree in Design and Engineering in 2017. In 2019, she founded Studiomirei. On the same year, her Nebula lamp was awarded during Milan Design Week’s Salone Satellite at Rho Fiera Milano.

Glow & Fragments

This is a table lamp made out of two parts. The main component is a sculptural copper piece that reflects the glow of the light that emanates from a bamboo base.

This lamp evokes memories of fragments of dragon wings collected after it has passed its lifetime. It is made by metal wire woven together and baked in different colors of enamel to vitrify and preserve the memory of the fragment.