Zhang Yiyang

Ceramic designer, independent ceramist 
In 2011, a graduated undergraduate of ceramic major from the China Academy of Fine Arts; 
In 2016, a graduated postgraduate of ceramic major from the China Academy of Fine Arts; 
In 2015, on-site creation at Pottery Forest in Shiga Prefecture, Japan; 
In 2016, on-site creation at Clayworks Pottery Center in Baltimore, US.

《Zhong Tai》 Variable LED Leuchtstabe

Ding Zhigang master told us a story.In fact, lots of people bought the flute not for play at the early age.  It is the same as the truth longquan sword and encyclopedias at home is for elegant.

It is a very unique phenomenon about living Chinese home cultural.Based on this,I want to let bamboo flute become a decoration with function at home. This kind of bamboo lamp retained the appearance of the bamboo flute basically through simple support which likes a sculpture on display, In order to retain an breath of decorations,at the same time it is also convenient to extract and put at any time. In addition, all bamboo lamp can be end to end because of the master’s skilled craftsmanship ,and them can transform the combination of light through the component  in the future.

Material :
Bitter bamboo,copper,sponge tents,led lamp panel,polymer battery