Sonja Schaub

The Bam and Boo lights

The Bam and Boo lights are inspired by the material bamboo and the craft of traditional Chinese paper umbrella making.

What I love most about the material bamboo is that it grows so fast, that we can practically never run out of it. Some kind of bamboo can grow a cm per hour. You can nearly watch the bamboo growing. With the shapes of the two lamps I´m visualizing this growth in my way by showing a movement. For me the real beauty of this material is in its fast growth, its strength, elegance and humbleness.

Another inspiration was the traditional paper umbrella craft in Yuhang, which is threatened to die out as there is no bigger request anymore today for paper umbrellas. They mainly serve as souvenirs today.

So another aim was to design something these craftsmen could build instead with the capacities and tools they have. So my lights are constructed in a similar way as the umbrellas, held together by a string and stabilized by bamboo paper.

I really like the humbleness and simplicity of this construction.

And again are the shapes of the two lights in this sense also a reinterpretation of the opening and closing of an umbrella, one of the aspects I love most about umbrellas in general for its playfulness.