Mina Piscevic

Photography, graphic design & installation

Two & Enamel drawings & Scaled & Bamboo weaving fashion accessories & Bamboo Lamp

Two is silk screen print on enamel plate (20 pieces series). The work is intended both as an applied art piece for everyday use or as a fine art object. It synthetizes my prior experience with silk screen printing with the experience from the visit and work in the Bolu Enamel factory.

Enamel drawings  are sketches for the “Scaled” installation. In the creation of these sketches I have experienced the entire work process on the Bolu Enamel factory and learned of the enamel coloring technique from the factory workers. The whole process has been filmed and represents an interesting document to the whole effort.

Scaled is an installation playing with the notion of scale in an art work. The sketches made in the “Enaml drawings” are scaled to fit the waste space of the gallery hall and thus the specific ambient and experience of art work is created. One feels almost inside the artwork, almost a part of it. The process of assembling the pieces is filmed and represents not only a document on the making of the work but also an interesting prospective on the whole issue. 

Bamboo weaving fashion accessories it is a series of accessories including: Basket Bag, Ball Bag, Papier Tube and a Picnic Basket. All items are simple geometrical shapes made out of bamboo treads in traditional weaving and natural finish and simple red lace. This bring forward the simple elegance of the traditional domestic crafts.

Bamboo Lamp is a very simple design inspired solely on the beauty of the material itself. The technical aspects of the design are also very simple and recall the elegant simplicity of the traditional household craft.