Lars Vejen-Jensen

Danish Architect and Designer (MAA, MDd). Design Awards winner “Designer of The Year” 2018. Founder of Design Studio Lars Vejen. He specialises in creative development, interdisciplinary collaborations, and design of high quality products.

Stack & Center & Ring & Blend

The concept is to create an asymmetric designed plate—a merge of both flat and deep—and to make the stacked plates look “random/messy” as you would imagine a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Copper is a long time used and valued material molded in various techniques and for basically unlimited type of products.

The concept is to make a basic lamp structure in a simple ring shape from bamboo and in this insert different shade materials to make the lamp with potential to change in both material, structure and size, depending on where to use and for which purpose.

This design explores how various colors interacts when combined in different structures. The author wish to see the effect and tactility of a textile products when combined of two layers in a two-way “random” structure.