Jean-Philippe Bonzon

Jean-Philippe Bonzon is a Swiss designer. He actually lives and works between Switzerland and Shanghai. He studied in Switzerland, where he obtained his degree in Product and Industrial Design at “éc a l” the École Cantonal d'Art de Lausanne (University of Art and design in Lausanne) in 2007. One year later, he won the prestigious Swiss Design Award Prize. After some work experience in New York, he moved to Shanghai in 2009. His design range includes homeware, accessories, furniture, lighting, packaging and interior design.

Dreaming Factory in Hangzhou

Working with an enamel factory, I decide to focus my research on the weldings and more specifically on the handles. After some experiment, I decide to mix this industry with some art and craft work. I find the contrast between these know-how interesting, so I mix them in one simple object. The final products are trays made in enamel and the feet are made with natural elements, like bamboo and wood. I use the bamboo flute workshop to create some supports.

Oil-paper Umbrella
I always dream to have a giant paper lamp, so I went to the paper umbrella workshop with this idea in mind. This is the result, a foldable lamp of 2100mm wide and 880mm high.